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Hello, this is the Black Squad development team.

We have news about opening the web FT Token Exchange for Black Squad users.
(Please note! Users in countries where services are restricted cannot use web exchanges, such as the Republic of Korea, China, and Singapore.)
This makes you can exchange the FT token with EX Copper.
If you tried the token transaction at least once, we will register your PLAY wallet address.
Therefore, you can also get the BLZ token reward like Black Squad: Royal Road users.

How to exchange your EX Copper to BLZ?

1. Click the VFUN at the game client. Random 16-digit numbers will print out and automatically copy to your clipboard.
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2. Click Move to Web and QR sign with your PLAY Wallet application on the web page.
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If you skip this process, you can’t connect the account and PLAY wallet. Please refresh the page and try the QR code sign-in.

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3. Click the Paste or enter the code to the web page to connect to the VFUN Ground page and User Data.
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4. If you connect successfully, you can see your EX Copper amount and today’s exchangeable EX Copper amounts on the Exchange tab.
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<Please Note before transaction!>
The exchangeable BLZ amounts will reset every 00:00:00 (UTC Time Zone)
You can increase the exchangeable BLZ amount with the Super Match Sponsorship, and this will reflect every 00:00:00 (UTC Time Zone)
For more details about the BLZ token exchange, please check out Definitions of Terms on the VFUN Ground page.

5. Enter the amount and click the Exchange button. You will move on to the token transaction process.
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<Please Note when canceling transaction!>
Canceling the transaction will transfer your EX Copper to your Inbox ( SuperMatch Storage)

6. After finishing the transaction, please check your PLAY Wallet Balance after the transaction.

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We will really appreciate it if everyone uses our web token exchange.
Thank you.