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  • Development briefing Notice #3

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    Hello, this is the Black Squad Development Team.

    First of all, we apologize for the urgent initialization of Winner Coin. We apologize again for the insufficient notice and please consider that the Winner Coin will be initialized with the Spring Season open every year.

    This development briefing will further explain the improvement of the Juggernaut mode added to the previous patch and the combination system currently under development.

    Improve Juggernaut mode.
    It's a new mode with some room for improvement, but are you enjoying it? J

    The patch on the next 23rd will be improved as follows to suit the purpose of the plan.
    1. Add a Runaway Juggernaut HP bar in the middle of the top.
    2. Add a silhouette for clearer recognition of the Runaway juggernaut.
    3. Walking Runaway Juggernaut -> Change to running (can't attack while running)
    If these functions are added, you will be able to feel a different atmosphere, like the Boss Match.

    Combination System
    The results of the combination are being developed as follows: there are random elements while considering the direction the user wants.
    1. The combination requires three items of the same grade. Acquire a higher-grade item or an item of the same grade when it is successful.
    2. In the case of characters, the probability of the characters being consumed is 30% (90% in total) and 10% random.
    3. In the case of weapons, the probability of a series of weapons being consumed is 30% (90% in total) and 10% at random.
    We are working hard to develop the first patch in April, so please look forward to it.

    TP conversion bug
    It has been confirmed that the TP conversion bug that has recently occurred occurs when attempting to disassemble and convert items registered in the Steam inventory. In this regard, as a pre-work for the opening of the Steam store in conjunction with the bug fix, the item in the existing Steam inventory was changed to a Black Squad item.

    The development team is always listening to the valuable opinions posted by users and will do its best to make the game better.

    Thank you very much.
    Black Squad Operation Team