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ID:	60497Greetings Actionists!

Strange sightings have occurred. Townsfolk have mentioned they have seen Mischievous Rabbit causing disturbance and ruckus all over the place. Explore the areas of each and every continent to defeat the Mischievous Rabbit! One might receive the rewards within!

[Seasonal Event Duration]

August 4, 2022 ~ August 18, 2022

[Event Mechanics]

Enter the Dungeons from the 3rd-7th Continent on Expert or Master difficulty to get a chance to encounter [Mischievous Rabbit] that may drop [Event treasure chest] upon defeat. Open [Event treasure chest] for a variety of random goodies pet necessities.

chance of a spell stone and variety of other goods!

This what you can find inside the Box:

Honey Juice
Green Grape Juice
Akene Coins[100]
Flame RubyVI
Wild TopazVI
Ocean EmeraldVI
Sky SapphireVI
Hell Ticket: God's Calling
Bardiel Seal Invitation
Chaos Spire Extreme Invitation
Chaos Spire Extreme Invitation[Otherworld]
Remodeling - Selene Bowl
Remodeling - Knight Hammer
Remodeling - Drill Hammer
Honor Symbol
Model worker Rewards Chest
Inner Training[Awakening EXP +200%][1 hr]
Extreme Training [2 hr]
Extreme Training [1 hr]
Extreme Skill Book Chest [3 days]
Griffin[Ace]Synthetic Coupon
Nepahi Ichor
Purple Twilight Badge [exchange only]
[Pet] Wright WeaponReinforce stone
[Pet] Wright armor Reinforce stone
[Pet] Wright jewelry Reinforce stone
[Pet] Wright Purple Twilight Stone
[Advanced]Tier 3 golden dew sand
[Advanced]Tier 3 green dew sand
Nepahi Roll
Nepahi ciphertext
Nepahi Ornament Medal

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