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Greetings Actionists!

Happy New Year!

After the success of our C9 anniversary tournament. We will hold our first Winter PVP cup! The tournament will be broadcast via Facebook / Youtube.

Blizzard Battle Blitz: C9 WINTER CUP TOURNAMENT!


February 22 - 23, 2023

US [Akene] - February 22, 2023, 01:00 AM UTC - February 22, 2023,
05:00 AM UTC
EU [Rahkdan] - February 22, 2023, 08:00 PM UTC - February 23, 2023, 12:00 AM UTC
SEA [Acharon] - February 22, 2023, 02:00 PM UTC - February 22, 2023, 05:00 PM UTC

Level 70 and above may join the Tournament


Until February 12, 2023

• Date of Registration starts from (Insert Registration Date) the thread will be automatically closed after the registration period. -
• To register, Just fill up and submit the Registration form that is located below:
• 20 Teams on 2v2 will be accepted to enter the tournament. Registration will be first come, first serve basis.
• Match lineup will be provided by the GM Team the day after the Official Registration Thread is closed and it will be officially announced in the C9 Community Forum, C9 Discord Channel, and C9 FB account.
• NO DOUBLE Character REGISTRATION. This will be considered CHEATING and any CHARACTER associated with it will be automatically disqualified.
• You can register 2 Characters in 1 account BUT you cannot register 2 Characters in different accounts.
• An update regarding the number of participants will be posted every day
• If you register BEFORE the start date or AFTER the end date, your Entry will not be validated.
• We will have a waiting list, so you still have a chance if the player fails to show up that day.

Registration forms:



Duo Match
Roundrobin and Semifinals
Type: Team Match
Players: 2 vs 2
Victory: 3 Wins
Time: 4 minutes
Rule: General
Rank: No Limit
Map: Runnersville.

Type: Team Match
Players: 2 vs 2
Victory: 5 Wins
Time: 5 minutes
Rule: General
Rank: No Limit
Map: Runnersville

Limited to 14 teams.



Players must be active/online during the event date.
Make sure that you are wearing any winter gear as part of your costume.
Duo Matches (2V2): Open to 65+ Levels

DUO players, Both of them should be present or else their slot will be given to the waiting list.


• The event facilitator will create a room titled based on the upcoming matchup.
• The room's password will be provided to each participant
• Room Set-up will be prepared by the Event Facilitator.
• 5 Minute preparation time will be given to each Participant. Players cannot switch gear/item(ex. weapon, soul, or accessories) during the match
• The player is allowed to change his character to the substitute one before the match has started.
• If the player decided to use his substitute character prior to the start of the match, the player "MUST" inform the Facilitator asap.
• For Preliminaries, disconnection will result in an automatic lose
• For Semi-Finals and Battle for 3rd place, a maximum window of 5 mins shall be given to reconnect when disconnected.
• For Finals, a maximum window of 10 mins shall be given to reconnect when disconnected.
• If the player failed to reconnect within the allotted time, the player from the other side will be declared as the winner.
• Any known/unknown bugs, glitches, or hacks performed during the match will automatically grant the player disqualifications and permanent suspension.
• Failure to comply with the rules is subjected to disqualification.


The skills listed below are restricted in the tournament. Using any of these skills will result in a loss for the match. Please be advised to take these skills off your skill bar, as pressing them by accident won't be given consideration and will still result in a loss.

* Slayer: Vice Sword
* Taoist: Empower
* Reaperess: Empower
* Demonisher: Oversoul, Phantom Wall
* Guardian: Iron Skin
* Assassin: Envenom
* Shadow: Envenom
* Battle Maiden: Reserve Mode
* Viking: Frost Skin
* Warrior: Frenzy
* Nightstalker: Summon: Skulljape-S , Summon: Diabolic Wolf
* Warden: Summon: Skulljape-S
* Valkyrie: Device Enchant, Device Shoot
* Elementalist: Mana Ward, Phantom Wall, ALL SUMMONS
* illusionist: Mana Ward, Phantom Wall
* Gunslinger: Air Stinger
*Taoist: Soul Burn
*Blade Dancer: Crossblitz

We will also provide rewards and prizes to viewers of the Livestream on our official Facebook page and VFUN Youtube Channel

Tournament Rewards:

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Please stay tuned for more updates.