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  • Spambox1
    started a topic Non optimised UI

    Non optimised UI

    1. Why do we not have an option to switch out what mode the play button on the home page takes us to (see screenshot 1).
    Better yet would be to not have any button play, shop or equipment button on the home page and use that page as an information page giving you more space to actually show us that information you got since we already have the quick menu list on the left that gets the job done meaning the buttons are redundant.
    2. Why are we not able to hide custom match from the quick menu list when we are able to hide all other modes (see screenshot 2).
    3. Why is there a scroll list behind the quick menu list when all things would fit in the current space even if you didnt removed the scroll buttons, some things are simply hidden behind it now (see video).
    4. Why are not the spaces inbetween the quick menu list icons reduced so that all icons can be put into the list at the same time so players does not have to open the hidden menu to use those and players are not restricted to only having 3 out of the 6 hidden icons active on the quick menu list.

    Screenshot 1:
    Screenshot 2:
    Screenshot 3:

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  • Spambox1
    commented on 's reply
    You mean like how much players cared to get their precious classic back only to find out they hate their precious classic that they boasted so greatly about?

  • liquidsin74
    I really doubt hey care about any of that and don't expect them to even care to change it.

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