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  • Namecalling Harassment

    The reason for this topic should be quite obvious to most people, since Valofe's harassment report description and "Terms of Agreement" does not go hand in hand ill simply ask the question.

    Harassment report description:

    Terms of Agreement:

    Valofe states "VALOFE does not condone harassment in any form and may suspend or terminate the account of any User who harasses others.".
    Yet in the harassment report description they reccomend you to hide the harassment behind the ingame block function and profanity filter but it does not fix the problem since they can still go on to harass others as much as they like this way and if you have to block a majority of the players then why isnt there a function to simply disable the entire chat since it would be faster.

    Be it jerk, asshole, hacker or any other name the person in question does not want to be called, "Harass, threaten or embarrass another User of the Services or to cause distress, unwanted attention or discomfort of such User, or any other person or entity." shows that this is not allowed and is a form of harassment.
    So to get to the question, at what number of times is calling the same person something a form of harassment and can be reported as such?

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    You know that the majority of the people in this community are a joke right? The game is no longer in a company that at least used to punished TOS violators every now and then. Valofe cant even handle a couple of hackers. I really doubt they would care a bout harassment. The game is nothing but a joke right now, a meme. So just fight back or leave the room. Those people will forget you 5 minutes after you leave or they leave.