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Has anyone else PrtScr/Page'Down and archive since start?

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  • Has anyone else PrtScr/Page'Down and archive since start?

    I started snapping screen early on. Then the client updated and we could save directly to game file for retrieval. EVERY SPECIAL MOMENT ! I Tried to save. I have ~.75TB of saved since start. LOL I have Paper Logs of Clan and our events and who earned what. When thy joined, Who they came from, Who they know, What they earned. I missed some, but most of my gifts were *snapped and saved for reference. When I was In lobby and a nice chat with many then a mean one come and ruin it. Kills racking up while one is stuck in a corner. SNAPPED! Looking up at one in the sky and his tag next too him. HAHA SNAPPED! Super Huge Mini Gun in a Arms Race* Mode? SNAPPED ! WHY?
    I have seen the worst. You want to use an internet gaming community to to make yourself feel * a GoD? Not My Issue and I don't care then. And in that sense? YOU RUINED CA. Try be all PRO and WIN it ALL. Puts a whole new meaning in "Wake and Bake" ! HAHA. Spawn and die from a pro.
    I don't want to spend time somewhere that is perpetually derogated from inner ownership. My ability to play CA on an old computer, or a insufficient internet connection' has made it *"IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE COMMON PERSON"* to participate in "Fun and Fair gaming. Pros took over I guess. And The once* is no more. CA = PRO i guess. Total Competitive. And I'll play when I want to chill with a bunch of wannabe gangster keyboard jocks who make a living shiesting good folk. I Am Addressing the BAttleFields! The Game, it's Staff And, the participants. I am JAWS. i don't "CHOMP" unless poked or provoked. Many a try, but king of the sea i will exist threw many attacks. Here? or THERE! One Day; Death will get us all. Do You Hurry DEATH? Do you "ENCOURAGE" DEATH? Why do it here? Why do it where is SALVATION IN SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE? Why forget to water the garden, Feed the goats and cows, chickens, gooses, Kangaroos, wild berry gant - a - Yum. And still be NICE? Battlegrounds. HERE I AM! HERE I DIED. HERE I was REBORN. HERE I DIED AGAIN ! All I Snapped? again I can not wait to have time to sort and upload. HaHa a ba DaEWW HWOO\\

    ><> JawsCo Re guarding Combat Arms Battlegrounds and state of the doo da. ( WuV U). ....... ...~ ><>

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    Lol funny.


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      I have many screenshots too since 2009


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        I have about 16 folders worth of Screenshots all the way from 2011. I had more on Xfire, but they shut down in 2014 and I didn't know until recently, so everything was lost.


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          I am now wanting to have easier sharing of my media. I have 2 usb drives and my current tower is loaded and I need to buy a new and bigger storage drives I know i said it on another thread, but any Cloud server advise? I know I want to share only some with some people. Not trying to start a war here. LOL. And Foofoo14^ is what i am asking, I know that when save on servers like Youtube or Myspace, or what ever server? "Not safe". as in, could be deleted by them at any time. Years and years ago I tried Imagefrog and a few others of them and were not very manageable and I still didn't feel was a place I could feel my data would stay for ever. i will eventually buy a QTB Drive or what ever is available when I get there, for solid state save; but What is best method now a days storage of non sensitive data to an "Online" server that has full grouping and sharing capabilities? And TY all. Smile and laugh as you shoot at me! Its FUN no matter who dies.