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Possible Hope for Those who Had Transfer Problems

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  • Possible Hope for Those who Had Transfer Problems

    "If players were to login and create a character, your game data pending from transfer cannot be inserted into the VALOFE ID you have transferred it to because it is already occupied by a new existing data."

    This is what they said. Now this isn't nexon, valofe has been relatively good about proper word choice in the past. I think so long as you didn't create a new character, the chance that your data has been overwritten is low because they said the transfer data is pending.

    Even if it says your data is transferred even after you've properly tried doing it using any of the workarounds they posted again, the data is 1. either lost or 2. it's been rejected and the transfer details are still on nexon's server 3. on Valofe's server pending transfer but blocked by the fact that you logged in.

    I would wait till Valofe releases an official statement regarding the actual state of our data for people that have either created a new character or logged in before the transfer was entirely complete.

    Let's hope for the best.

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    Sorry for the double post, the latest string of fixings for the new character creation glitch has me believing hat your data is not lost or deleted, it's just stuck in limbo till they do something about it.

    Stay vigilant.

    I am one of the few that still have this issue, I hope that valofe staff can offer something to fix this soon.
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      I overwrit my main account with my second account i think so.. I see the account in my friendlist with a normal name. So that mean my main accounts is transferd. And now if i try to login i join with my second account.. Do you think they can help me with it? Or does it mean GG i lost my LTC5 account?