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Valofe combat arms website - not secure!!

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  • Valofe combat arms website - not secure!!

    How is this even possible!!!

    Valofe, get your things straight and in gear!!
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    That's just a microsite, and no option to login from that site.

    But even so I already made a post regarding their Security Certificate on Nexon's Combat Arms Forums.
    This is only a Security Certificate issue.

    The Main Valofe Combat Arms site is also having issues with their Web Security Certificate.
    The Forums also has issues with their web security certificate.:
    The miscrosite to Vote for Classic CA is secured.
    The CA Transfer Page is secured because of our reports from the Nexon Forums.

    I'm rather surprised that they are still having issues with their web security certificates even though it was reported once already.
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    • PipoPizzone
      PipoPizzone commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you for the update,
      I can understand that there are many issues that are taking place with the transition, but please understand that us who are the true part of the CA community point out these issues because we want the best for CA and now for Valofe as well.

      -Maybe some day I may find my IGN on a in game street sign

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    Valofe isn't a well-known site, so I doubt anyone will be hacking into it yet.


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      I wont be buying gcoins til they fix this.
      That's gonna motivate them to do something.