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  • Foofoo14
    I prefer the old weapon system; they'ved ruined the novelty of owning a gp perm, now that everyone basically has one at this point.

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  • dober03
    started a topic Old CA

    Old CA


    I am writing in forum for the first time since 2013. I want old CA back and here are some of my reasonings:

    QR-Special Items: I was enjoying playing Quarantine Regen with claymores, turrets, m32 and etc. I know some people prefer playing with only grenades, but I dont like and succed it at all. CA had to do only one thing. Introducing an option in rooms to restrict special weapons so that if players do not want these special weapons in the game, they can use that option. We have no shotguns, no snipers. Why not no special weapons. May be we can choose both no shotguns and no special weapons.

    Level-Experience Points: There should be a difference between new players and old. Why I am gaining experince if I will not have any privileges? There should be level restrictions on weapons. That brings competition.

    GP-Perm weapons: Although I love having better weapons, I think not everyone should access every weapon so easily. What is the difference between a new player and the old one? In past, I was fighting hard and long so that I can gain GP. Now it is very easy. I was completing daily jobs so that I can have perm wep.

    Daily Jobs: It was giving an objective. A reason to play. Now the game is so simple and boring.

    All in all, removing maps, daily jobs, weapons, items do not make CA great. In contrast, it makes CA simpler and simpler. I dont want to play Counter Strike, I want to play CA.