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I have no idea where this absurd attitude comes from.

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  • I have no idea where this absurd attitude comes from.


    Basicly if there are glitches, bugs in the game and players use them - how on earth is it the responsibility of the players to pay attention to what is allowed and what not. Players use every edge there is to be better than the others. This is not on us, this is on the game developers. Yeah CA runs on come old engine - and that's why i have to limit myself in the way i outplay my opponent? Is it because it's "unfair"? Sorry to break it to you guys disagreeing but for me this is playing longer and knowing the game better than you do. Keep up with that.

    [Do i think it should be allowed to glitch under the map? Hell no, shit like that actually kills the game, i'm talking about something like the boxes on Deathroom in midway, boxes on Water Strider on one specific site. If there are areas on the map, and small windows where you can shoot through, that's no the players responsibility, it's the game developers/owners responsibility. You can't expect a new players to come in, and read some random rule set, that is not even written somewhere officially. Imply that i'll accept it as it is for now, where just on every single map there are spots, i just don't see how players can be punished for peeking etc. It's the freaking game. ]

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    If it's hiding behind boxes, then I'd say go for it regardless of what people say.

    I had a bit of a problem in the other forums because there was no list on what we could or could not do so I just gave up and said to myself I'll do anything and everything in my power to get the upper hand and I encourage that. For example: Crouch spamming; go for it. I don't see Valofe fixing it any time soon.


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      I agree. Like why am i forbidden do play the game to it's limits? When it comes to peeking f.e. every player complains about it but at the end of the day, you can do it on every single border there is in the game. Either Valofe patches something like a barrier when trying to approach corner like that or they just leave it in the game and don't punish it.


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        Are you saying that you will continue to exploit the game because it's the developer's fault that they didn't do a patch or bug fix?


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          I'm saying i think that SHOULD be how it should be possible. Sadly it's not possible because apparently this is "wrong".


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            This "absurd attitude" comes from things existing in every game or sport called: fair play, sportmanship, justness, (competitive) integrity. The idea that NOT behaving like a complete fùcking piece of shìt is more important than winning at all costs, no matter what would enable you to do so.
            Should speak volumes about what kind of person you are.


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              I love how you randomly assume which i assume you're trying to say i like to win at all cost in real life, not giving a **** about people lmao.

              Also: As i stated imo i should be able to play the game to it's limits right? So unless i somehow bug myself behind walls where you can't normally get to, what's the point of punishing people because they play the map as it is scripted. How is that behaving like to speak with your very excellent chosen words "behaving like a piece of shit" ?

              Edit: I just think not trying to win at all cost in games is not everyones mindset, it's mine though, because i play to see myself winning. That's where i get the joy from. My problems is that people were banned in the past for sticking their head behind a certain rock etc. where as they didn't extend the map play area itself which i would agree on is not fair gameplay anymore.
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                Not always developers know about bugs in game or they require many time to fix them, so do you think you're authorized to use these bugs to your advantage?
                Very sad...


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                  Is OP still going at it?


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                    There is a difference in players using cover(such as ledge in Oil Rig, literally unkillable without explosives but Nexon said it was legal), and blatant peeking. While peeking may be done inadvertently, players who are doing it probably isn't their first time.

                    Regardless, players using exploits and glitching absolutely ruin the game for a lot of players. The players very much affected are those new players who may witness cheating all day and never play the game again.

                    Arguing and debating whether doing something in game is a glitch or not should be encouraged, and if there are exploits, they should be reported to Valofe so they may be fixed. Sometimes, exploits may not be reported and ignored, while other times the exploit may not be fixed after blatant reporting.

                    In either case, this does not give the player the right to do these exploits in any scenario. Any player doing them will face action on their account. Nexon did this in the past with Hell Gate. It is up to Valofe to define what is legal or not, and I'm positive they can do this any time without warning. Sure, there are games with glitches that haven't been fixed? Well, the publishers will go after the player anyway.

                    Doing glitches because the publisher will not fix them is just stupid.

                    While I think any glitch that players exploit should be fixed, I also think the glitches that should be fixed first are those that incriminate all players, such as the bugged character animations.


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                      Yeah, i can see your point. Not saying i agree, but thinking long-term playerbase oriented seems good at first glance.