Hello world! Valofe/Community Members!

Interested in fixing and completely increasing Combat-Arm in away that it'll never slip back into another Critical Condition?
Then please read on...

Valofe Staffs, please understand. No Gamer, and i mean (NO GAMER) love playing a PC Game that Struggles to aim and, tear down in action with Cheaters Verse Legit Gamer's,
So, hear me if you wish to make a great improvement in developing not only just your Gamer's Pocket sending us more packages to buy but, you can also pick a quite few selection of options to help gamer's with. Such as:
First: NOTE: You cannot stop but, you can slow down and, prevent the overall of Hackers/Cheating by simply building a Moderator System for Players which can be called (Player Moderators) which will be way different from (Valofe Moderators) which the (Room Moderator) can be changed to (Room-Host) but some/ with special effects as Room Moderators and, Speical Room Host with the (S) Icon. The Player Moderator should work only by Loyal Players who follow the In-game rules and by, staying active on forums helping players with their intelligence and, their long term experience of playing. (Player Moderators) - Can quickly mute players to prevent spams and, stop spammers from spamming all these websites that can be unsafe for the gamer's and unhealthy for the game itself. The game health is what we need to protect more. Another way the Player Moderators can work is to report Cheating In-Game which a Player Moderator should be more easier for Valofe Workers to find Players who uses cheating in-game software. As for the Combat Arm's Forums for New Players and, other Players who'll need help or assistance, the Player Moderators can help them. Therefore, the workers of Valofe can have a much less stressful job and, it'll help them to work in a faster paste which can help them with spare time so that they may help us. EVERY GAMER would LOVE to try their best to become a Player Moderator. It'll be like Rewarding the community for their Loyalty and, for being a long term customer of Valofe. I can assure you there is nothing in a broken game that's more better than a helping hand and a great community along the side, an awesome game as it'll become.
You'll have (In-Game P-Mod's and, Forums P-Mods which may help others either way inside or outside the game.)
2. ) In-Game Speed (Not really too off the chart) it isn't really bad but, it can help people to slow down the pressure of trying to aim.
The speed looks as if it was created to distract the players from the Cheats in some way but, perhaps it was created for the community. Not sure.
The speed of running is way too fast for some players and, isn't good for aiming. It makes the game look more closely like a (Matrix Game) to dodge bullets.
Doubt that that's the case though.
3.) NOT REALLY AN ISSUE BUT: I seen a Application for Advertising - Hopefully your not actually going to Advertise the game so soon. Valofe should sell Combat Arms App so people can pay to play. That will stop 80% of cheats and, it'll give you more time to develop the game before advertising it. Lets be realistic. No one would actually continually play this game as soon as they find out what the game is and, the percentage rate of cheats used in it. I'm sure all of us knows, lots of these people aren't that bad in this game due to recent games no different from which most gamer's who've played this and other games like [Call of Duty, Counter Strikes, Ironsight and, other games such like]. Wouldn't it be too obvious to know there is something wrong with this game. Considering also they'll feel Scammed (If sold), cheated (from the percentage of most of the cheats used in the game), misused (Seeing Valofe advertised a game that is in a critical stage as Combat Arms).
4.) Another possible great decision is: What if we made Combat Arm's in-game lobby to where players was able to kick inactive Room-Moderators? If that's the case, perhaps changing the (Room-Moderator) too (Room-Host) so, we can build (Player-Moderators) for a better purpose and, so keeping the (Room-Host) with (Elite Host) and, the one with the (S) Icon will be also great for kicking when something happens in-game. Therefore, Valofe will not have any losses, no need to delete anything.
If the possible of this game heaths does some how become greater and less at steak, i can suggest help with Advertisements and, find great ways to bring forth old players and more players who need games like this which i say in caps for hoping you see (WANTING TO FIX THIS GAME AND, INCREASE THE PLAYERS/POPULATION OF THIS GAME IS BEST AT THIS VARY MOMENT DURING THIS PANDEMIC. WAIT ANY LATER AND, YOU'LL WASTE THOUSANDS AND MAYBE EVEN MILLIONS OF WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THIS GAME RATHERLY THEN WHAT YOU CAN JUST ADD-ON TO THE GAME SO PLAYERS CAN BUY..... Increase the game, you'll increase every desire of all players new and old.... Just keep adding on and, you'll just grab piggy bank stashes and, lose out on a reward: Best FPS GAME CERTIFICATE.
Dreams only die because people let them die. Dreams die from never trying. Achievements are made because the one who Achieved it, believed and, kept in believing until they made something happen. Game been dead for too long. Time to help it. Otherwise, Advertisement is nonsense. It'll only be like Advertising something for someone to look at rather than to advertise something for someone that they'll be grateful of clicking ---- Other than Click Bait. That's where it sits as of now.