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Hotfixes/Buffs/updates Thats should be done part 1

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  • Hotfixes/Buffs/updates Thats should be done part 1

    Suggestions that should be helpful

    1. nitro boosting rewards in game *description* this would help a little and make the game a little better so this would work like this you boost and you get the choice of what game you want the rewards to and how many boosts will need per reward like idk

    *1 boost* 1x weapon case 1x gear case and 100k gp

    *2 boosts* 2x weapon case 2x gear 200k gp and 1 weapon of 30 days

    *3 boosts* 3x weapon case 3x gear case 400k gp 30 days of one weapon of choice and 7 days of cosmetic

    *4 boosts* 4x weapon case 4x gear case 600k gp 90 days of one weapon of choice 30 days of one cosmetic of choice and a vip pass/premium of 1 day *reloaded* / combat dice 3x *only classic and Brazil* / *every ca* 50k gp

    *5 boosts max boosts possible for the moment* 5x weapon case 5x gear case one weapon perm of choice *rare* 90 days of one cosmetic of choice vip pass/premium of 7 day *reloaded* / combat dice 5x *only classic and Brazil* / 100k gp *every ca*and a legendary/mythic weapon/gear of choice *1 day* *reloaded classic and brazil* + daily special rewards *reloaded*

    *reminder there needs a monthly limit of how many Boost you can do*

    *all those boosts rewards works on every combat arms some are on reloaded*

    2. *reloaded only* fix speed on gears like recon vest or things like that since there are gears with lotta speed having 2 speed

    3. *reloaded only* update leveling up rewards

    4. *classic and brazil* fix speed bug and buff/nerf some characters and gears

    6. *ranked every combat arms* update the rewards specially for reloaded since those rewards you can get some perms but the same thing is boring so id say update it to revive the ranked in ca reloaded btw on classic and brazil make the top 1-5 rewards perm and not 30 days anymore that would be fair for the ranked on classic and brazil

    7. *reloaded only* make better skins and weapon killing feed skin too like animated or something like that so you can make abit more worth the skins you sell

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    Interesting suggestions. I like all of them.