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hotfixes/buffs/updates that should be done part 3

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  • hotfixes/buffs/updates that should be done part 3

    Shop Readjust and new Shop System with improvements *reloaded*

    Make a balance between GC and GP what i meant with this that should let us buy some weapons for perm per month maximum 10 per month this will work different with crates 60/40 per month while GC you can buy weapons crates and all that thing up to 120/240 per month that would make the game more fairly and something more balanced between p2w users and f2p users

    Maximum GC you can buy Thats your choice GM'S

    reticles and upgrade metals can be bought for gp : what i mean with this let the users buy the reticles for perm for gp and upgrade metals from epic/rare Rare : up to 5 per month with GP With GC would be 20/15 Perm month and epic ones up to 3 per month With GP with GC up to 6/9 per month

    Packages for GP : yeah i know yall gonna tell me but there was packages for gp why you would want this again : its because there are some players without things and they just want to play something after getting back from the work and my idea is rare packages every week and after 3 months a epic package while finishing the year a legendary package with some weapons and gears that nobody uses

    Events Improvements and ways to farm it *GENERAL*

    allright so there are way too many ways to farm a event on ca so one i would say

    Hi-sec events

    Quarentine Only Events

    Events with GP only *Reloaded/classic/brazil*

    Prizes *Discord*

    Description : This thing would work like this they give a prize on any ca with like idk 100 gc daily *if they add the boosting rewards* 300 gc daily ONLY BOOSTERS
    500 gc weekly 1000 gc weekly
    2000 gc monthly 4000 gc monthly
    10000 gc yearly 15000 gc yearly
    would be a nice way to make a better ca

    Drop cases events *reloaded/classic/brazil* like idk a Phantom Event case with only halloween case dropped in middle game or when you kill someone randomly just like hi-sec drops

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    Do you really believe they will do any of these things? We aren't even sure if this game will be around in 3 years.


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      my guy some of those suggestions was added to this trash game long time ago cuz they didnt got any idea on their mind LOL


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        btw this game will be around in 3 years dude in 3 years has the possibility of they reading this post LOL if not the game will die completely and the gms will say lets read the suggestions and we gonna do a update with those suggestions so someone enters the game atleast for 1 day or sometime or they just gonna delete this game and take care more of Brazil *if it still existing* and classic *if it still existing too LOL*


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          lets just keep our expectations low and lets wait if they adding this or letting the game dies *both are valid for me*


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            Yes, the shops definitely need a redo and refresh especially since they feel so underwhelming. The only part of the shops in Classic and Reloaded I even consider using is the tab where you can get supply cases and perm packages. The rest of it is meh.