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    Hello Valofe stuff,
    As you can see in the photo that i have attached, you can clearly see the player ReneAT1 kicking me out of the game.
    This is not the first time he does that, he does it always when he sees me and also many many others who are using their vip pass (f7 instant respawn) and also the tanker (players who use tank vests or tanked characters). Some day in the past when he kicked me, i returned to his room with my second account and i asked him why he kicked me, his answer was: "I dont like playing with tanked characters as cyborgs etc and also i hate the f7 users. Play like me as normal character and you will not get kicked, because i cannot all time because i shoot you 100 bullets and you dont die becxause you tank."
    So valofe stuff, you can clearly see that he is powerleveling and also he is elite abuser because he rage kicks all the tanked and f7 players. Please valofe stuff do something with this player so we can all play normal and he gets his lesson not to kick without reason next time.
    F7 instant respwan and cyborgs are given by you valofe so they are legall and eveyrone who wants can use them, so who is this ReneAT1???? Is he the law of combat arms and he kicks the ones who tank and use instant respawn?

    P.S. In the game that ReneAT1 kicked me, there was the player, Click image for larger version

Name:	reneat1.jpg
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ID:	26492 Tamer the Forum Moderator, so you can ask him for confirming my sayings....(more specific in the last game that he kicked me and you see in printscreen he was warning everyone that he will kick because of tank vests and characters, and when i told him that this is elite abusing he told me "bye bye", and i asked him "you will kick me elite abuser without reason"? and then I was kicked out of the game.