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  • detected abnormal play

    i have been kicked from cabin fever 3 times now for, detected abnormal play. why is this ?

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    Too fast game? (5 min. minimum)
    No kills? (5 kills minimum)
    Hacker detected? (Hack support is VERY popular in FIreteam these days)
    Valofe must ban all players who support hackers in fireteam!!! In the good old days Nexon was a rule 15 days game ban for Hack support!!! And a permanent ban for Clan hack support!

    But this is Valofe = Feel free to support hackers

    If you don't want to play with hacker just leave the room, hackers CAN NOT be kicked in Fireteam because of hack support in FT!

    *Sarcasm* TY VALOFE FOR HACK SUPPORT *Sarcasm*
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