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[BUG] Harlequin Set Package Effect

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  • Brotkrumen
    You got +1 only on Harlequin weapons, not on all
    This is no bug. This is as intended as it always has been the case on such sets.
    Same you can see on the Phoenix Set. The one extra magazine applies only on the Phoenix Set items like the Phoenix G36E Valkyrie and the Phoenix MG21E Steel.
    The same applies now to this new Harlequin Set.

    +1 magazine on Set items.

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  • CTEoloAH
    Originally posted by Brotkrumen View Post
    +1 magazine on Set items.
    Are you sure?
    I see only "Magazine +1"
    Nowhere is written "on Set items"!!!
    This is a very very very dirty trick, Valofe cheated me.
    I want a refund, please remove Harlequin Set Package and refund me 6000 GC to my account. Or I should to contact with PayPal for refund because Valofe sells packages that are other than the description?

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  • CTEoloAH
    started a topic [BUG] Harlequin Set Package Effect

    [BUG] Harlequin Set Package Effect

    Bug type:
    Set effect

    Map(Specific map):

    Game mode(Specific mode):

    Every time - 100%

    Operating System:

    The Set package says "Magazine +1" which according to simple logic means +1 magazine ingame!!!
    But ingame I see +1 magazine only on the Harleequin weapons, not on all.
    There is NO written restrictions on the package about weapons which means all weapons.
    This is an effect on the game and should be for every weapon you've equipped.
    Do not offend but right now I feel f*cked by Valofe!!!
    In the same sitiation when there is an inaccuracy of a Steam packages without problems can be requested refund because the user pay for something which doesn't receive.
    Can I ask refund right now?

    Steps to reproduce:
    1) Purchase Harlequin Set package
    2) Activate and check for +1 magazine ingame
    3) You got +1 only on Harlequin weapons, not on all
    4) The set says "Magazine +1" which +1 magazine ingame for all weapons, there is NO written restrictions about weapons