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    Dear valofe,
    In game there are a few shortcomings that has to be solfed:
    - It is not possible to load medkit II. Inventory says: disable
    - In cabinfever the phoenixset does not get the full potentional amount of bullets. Only in round one you get 300 bullets for the machinegun.
    - Carrying gasgrenates only one is thrownable. Grenate two is in the hand but does not do anything.
    - In cabinfever the zombies are walking backwards. Never seen before.
    - In cabinfever sometimes happens that a zombie is on the second floor in round 14. It is not possible to hit the zombie.

    Every update I hope these problems will be solved. Every time Iam dissapointed. For me it is very hard to spend any dime at a game that does not functioned.
    Please Valofe make us understand why these problems excist.
    A respons would be nice.........