If you want create a successful report please make sure to include:

Mode: (The game mode you are playing)

Map: (Map Name where you saw the player)

Time/Date: (Time and date when it happen, in CET or add timezone)

Player name: (IGN of player you are reporting)

Details: (Anything you can write to better explain the situation or evidence you submitted)

Screenshots: (Link to in-game taken screenshots with timestamp)

Video: (Link to video)

My IGN: (Your in-game name)

Common Title Prefixes:

[Account Selling]
  • When a player tries to sell their account through any in-game messengers.
  • When a player tries to sell anything else other than their account, such as Items or GCoin Currency / Codes.
[Name Abuse]
  • When a player's name is inappropriate or contains characters you aren't allow to use when naming your character.
  • Exception of "!" during the merge of NA and EU, NA players with the same name as EU players will have a "!" in front of their names.
  • This can also be a form of harassment.
[Clan Name Abuse]
  • When a clan's name is inappropriate or contains characters you aren't allow to use when naming your clan.
  • This can also be a form of harassment.
[Power leveling]
  • When a player is exploiting some form of system to gain more EXP / GP / etc. . . easily, that players can't do so normally.
  • When a player exploits a glitch or bug to have an advantage in the exploited spot for their overall gameplay.
  • (See Important Information #8)
  • When a player uses some form of hacks such as aimbot, flying, rapid fire, infinite health / ammo, etc. . .
  • When a player repeatedly harasses you with insults / profanity / etc. . .
  • (See Important Information #9)
[Unfair Play]
  • Ongoing intentional team killing.
  • (See Important Information #10)
  • When a player tries to scam you to get or got your ID and Password; Offering Free GCoin / Hacks, etc. . .
  • When a player types in words / characters in rapid succession; can be links also.
  • When a player breaks anything else that is not listed above but is listed in the Terms of Service.

Auto-Report Generator(s) & Media Uploads:

A very useful report generator: https://www.ca-report.com/
Courtesy of CTEoloAH who made this report generator, thank you!
Note: Please be aware that this generator doesn't catch all Player IGN's yet.

Screenshots can be uploaded at: https://imgur.com/
Please be sure to use the Direct Image URL in your reports.

Videos can be uploaded at: https://www.youtube.com/

Important Information:
  1. The above format is the ideal method of submitting reports to VALOFE and your reports must contain everything listed in the format.
  2. The report MUST contain a Screenshot AND Video in high quality or is clear, where the IGN and the player in question is seen clearly.
    • Please use the screenshots taken in-game by Combat Arms: Reloaded, as this will have a timestamp, etc.
    • Videos longer than 1 minute please specify at what time something relevant is happening.
  3. The reporter should be able to add comments on updated information or evidence.
    • Please do not bump your report or add pointless comments as this will reduce your credibility.
  4. Reports that do not follow the above format or lack information/details may be closed.
    • You may be asked to create another report following the format above.
  5. You can add other reports of User Abusers in the same room in your report, or provide a separate report but be sure to follow the format.
  6. Reports that are closed, moved, or appear to be missing means that it's been looked at.
    • ​​​​​​​You may receive a Private Message with more information about your report.
  7. Reports on offending text will require a translation.
    • A link to the translation would be greatly appreciated.
    • Do not provide a false translation, as this will decrease your credibility and trust and there may be consequences for your actions.
  8. Regarding Exploiting Reports
    • Please report such exploit only, when the exploiting player has an advantage of this spot. In this case is a single screenshot not valid enough, include a record to the report showing the player in the glitch and having the advantage of it.
  9. Regarding Harassment Reports
    • For any report that has to do with harassment or profanity. . .
      If reports refer to only a simple profanity or an isolated incident of harassment, we do not take any action on these.
      We recommend using the in-game Block Function and Profanity Filter.
      However if you are facing extreme abuse or have repeated attacks or anything that cannot be solved by using the in-game Block Function / Profanity Filter.
      Then in these scenarios; you could submit a report and give a detailed explanation on the history of abuse you are receiving.
  10. Regarding Unfair Play / Team killing
    • Video Evidence needed of the player in question team killing. The player in question must have a sufficient amount of kills they team killed.
    • Three Strike System. If the offending player team kills on 3 separate occasions and are reported, actions will be taken.
    • We also do not take action on "kick abuse" being kicked for no reason. . .
  11. Please continue on below to read on "What not to do when creating your report."

What not to do when creating your report:
  1. Titles
    • Should only be 2 words, the [Prefix] and the name of the reported player, nothing else.
  2. Screenshots and Video
    • No Screenshots or Video in the report itself, only links to them.
  3. Text Color and CAPS
    • No changing text color, and having the report in all CAPS.
  4. Comments and Details on the reported player's other accounts / clan / friends / etc.
    • You don't have proof of this, don't mention it, as this will reduce your credibility.
  5. Harassment
    • Don't make a report just to harass or try to get a player banned for revenge. . .
    • This also includes fake / false reports.
  6. Reports with the same evidence
    • See above regarding power levelers.
    • Each report should contain different evidence on the player you are reporting.
  7. Questions
    • Don't ask questions on how we deal with reports.
    • This includes: When we read reports and Actions Taken, etc . . .
  8. Non-Reports
    • This subsection is for User Abuse Reports only!
    • Topics that have nothing to do with reports will be closed / deleted.

If you have any questions or concerns about the information listed in this topic, please ask a Moderator for assistance.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this topic.
And thank you for creating these reports to make Combat Arms: Reloaded a more fair game where everyone can enjoy it!