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Combat Week (March 26, 2020 - March 31, 2020)

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  • Combat Week (March 26, 2020 - March 31, 2020)

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    Combat Week events and sales started.

    a. Rare AR Mystery Box X5: 1600 GC
    b. Rare SR Mystery Box X5: 1800 GC
    c. Rare SMG Mystery Box x5: 1600 GC
    d. Rare AR Mystery Box X10: 4000 GC
    e. Rare SR Mystery Box X10: 4500 GC
    f. Rare SMG Mystery Box x10: 4000 GC
    g. Rare Gear Mystery Box X10: 2500 GC

    - Combat Week Event (3/25 ~ 3/31)

    a. BSS GC Mileage 2x
    b. Fireteam Bonus Rewards
    c. Special Weapon Displayed in BSS and store
    d. Snowball Fight and Dead Vacation Open
    e. EXP / GP 100% Buff during Combat Week

    - Combat Week Sales Event

    Roaring Dragon Package
    VVIP Package (30 days)
    Demonic Skull Mystery Box
    Anubis Mystery Box x10
    Dragon Tooth Mystery Box x10
    Zodiac Weapons Package
    Frost Package
    Hanafuda Mystery Box x5
    Royal Crown Mystery Box x10
    Steampunk Mystery Box X10
    Tactical Core Mystery Box x10
    Solid Guardian Mystery Box x10
    Polygonal Art Package

    Combat Week Special Rare Grade Item Sales Event (3/25 ~ 3/31)

    a. If you purchase 10 sets of the following and get a designated perm items
    • Rare AR Mystery Box x10
    • Rare SR Mystery Box x10
    Dragunov SVDS Ghillie
    • Rare SMG Mystery Box x10
    Micro UZI Metal
    • Rare Gear Mystery Box x10
    Terrain Backpack Advance (3 Slot)