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    Rangers! Fall in.
    Attention! HQ has flown in fresh recruits to aid us in our ongoing operations. Sticking to tradition, we are to show these newcomers what it really is to be a Ranger.
    Let’s welcome them to the corps with a bang!

    EVENT 1

    HERE’S 200! (200% EXP & GP Boost)
    • Event Period: 14 October - 10 November
    Here’s 200 for you! Yes, you heard me right. Join in celebration and welcome the recruits from LINE POD! Earn more EXP and GP with the 200% EXP and 200% GP BOOST EVENT each day for the entire duration of the event.

    EVENT 2

    Unit One, do you copy?!
    We have intercepted a transmission for the route of a top-secret convoy from confirmed hostile forces. Orders are to seize control of the cargo brought along by the convoy. Move out!
    The intercepted code is: LINEPODASIA
    Redeem the code on the Promotional Coupon in the Shop Menu.
    Coupon code contains the following:
    • Tarot Weapons Mystery Box x5
    • Valofe 3rd Gear Mystery Box x5
    • 10pcs of 300% EXP/GP Boosts

    EVENT 3

    GIFTS FOR THE ADVANCE PARTY (Pre-registration Bonus)
    We are going all in. As token of our overwhelming appreciation and gratitude for our pre-registered players on LINE POD. They are to receive 4 kinds of permanent epic items in the theme of their national flag.
    • (Rewards are only for pre-registered users from Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia)

    EVENT 4
    WELCOME TO COMBAT ARMS: RELOADED (1st Login Rewards to New Users)
    Supply drops incoming! LZ is clear of hostiles. Care package from HQ to show thanks for signing in to the fight. Logging in for the first time will net you a handsome haul of permanent items and each respective countries’ permanent medal accessories.
    See you around Ranger! Fight on! Hooo~ah!
    • (Rewards are only for 1st Login with newly registered accounts from Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia)

    EVENT 5

    SOUND OFF RANGER! (Attendance Bonus Event)
    Attention Ranger!
    Your presence is crucial for every operation and each day you’re here you’ll further improve yourself with these rewards. Don’t miss a day of logging in because you’ll be rewarded generously.
    We have revamped the receivable rewards from the Daily Attendance Login. These new items will help you battle your way to the top of the leaderboards. We’ve added a handsome selection of rare and epic weapons and gear enhancement materials that can be received by simply logging in.

    EVENT 6

    LOOK ELITE, FEEL ELITE. (Beginner’s Pack Revamp Event)
    There’s a saying, if it looks right, it should work right. Move forward as you dress-to-impress and soon make your way to finest elites Combat Arms: Reloaded has to offer.
    Contents of the Beginner’s Pack now has the 30day SWAT Gears.

    EVENT 7

    MISSION UPDATED: REWARDS INCREASED (New User 7-Day Progression Event)
    Be advised!
    HQ has updated mission details; Please refer to your mission debrief pack for details. As a quick note, mission objectives have been updated as well as the rewards provided for each mission on the New User’s 7-day Event.
    The reward for completing the New User 7-day event are Epic-grade permanent items.
    • (Note: Users that still have their New User 7-day event will have their progress reverted back to the start to take advantage on the distribution of the new reward pool.)
    VALOFE Operations Team