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[UPDATE] Combat Arms 2.0

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  • [UPDATE] Combat Arms 2.0

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    Combat Arms Reload 2.0

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    A mode similar to a triathlon where you can experience various modes of Combat Arms Reloaded at once.
    First, the player will kill the infected person through the Fire Team match. What's different from the usual Fire team is that you get special abilities when you deal with infections and you divide them into teams. You will be able to achieve a variety of special abilities and perform more than usual. In addition, in the usual Fire team, if there was only a disturbance of the infection, the Super Combat would be directly interrupted by the enemy. Improve your ability by dealing with many infections, avoiding interference or interference from enemies.

    When the Fire Team game is finished, the player enters the Nightmare Stage. Here, the player will kill the boss and acquire special skills as a compensation. This skill is more likely to be more than traditional character skills and can be used without a character. Nightmare is competing as a team to compete with the team, the team gave more damage than the opponent team will have a skill priority option.

    Players who have all the abilities they've gained to compete in the final alimony match will face off in the final arena. All of the preceding courses are for this time and the team that achieves the target enemy number in the last game will be the final winner of the Super Combat.
    Use the various tactics from Combat Arms Reloaded to lead your team to victory.

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    Playing is exciting, yes, right!?, due to the fact that you can get rewards as you rank up your account, but for those who are already at the top of their game, it is a different story. This is why Combat Arms Reloaded is shaking up things a bit by enticing players that they can earn additional rewards by reloading their max ranks repeatedly.


    1. Premium Pass Improvement Overview
    • Delete Premium Pass Shop
    • Added premium pass item enhancement
    • Purchase past premium pass items
    2. Delete Premium Pass Shop
    • Remove the premium pass store from the store menu.
    • As usual, premium passes are available on the Features tab.
    • Premium pass users will receive items their equipment tabs when they start using them and register new premium items.
    3. Added premium pass item enhancement
    • Premium pass items can now be enhanced and used.
    • By selling unused premium pass items, you can get premium item reinforcement materials according to your grade.
    • Regardless of the item type, you can enhance it by using the same grade of materials.
    • It is impossible to enhanced using the same item.
    • If you sell premium pass items, you cannot get them again, so you need to be careful.
    4. Purchase past premium pass items
    • You can now purchase past premium pass items.
    • You can purchase past premium pass items on an added basis.
    • You can purchase past premium pass items once for each account.
    • Purchase restrictions are calculated after the update and are independent of existing premium pass items.
    • Past premium pass items can be purchased by pressing the button in the inventory.
    • Only premium pass users can purchase past premium pass items.
    • Premium pass items can only be used by premium pass users. (Same as before)
    Lobby UI Update
    • Left side of screen
    • Super Combat (new main mode) entry button on top
    • Daily mode, Event mode buttons are available.
    • There are news, shops, inventory, and inbox buttons at the bottom.
    • There is nothing on the right side of the screen by default.
    • The integrated stat button and Clan button are added at the bottom.
    • The example screen is the Clan button pressed and held.
    • Pressing the integrated stats button displays the character's integrated stats.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	UI Lobby_CAR2.png Views:	0 Size:	517.4 KB ID:	30495
    GP PASS (Available SOON)
    • If you buy a GP pass and consume a GP, you can get additional GP Boost and discounts on GP products.
    • When GP passes are used in the inventory, the validity of GP passes increases by 30 days.
    • The benefits of GP PASS are on the 1st of every month.
    • The level-up conditions below are temporary and subject to change.
    Level Up Condition Purchase GP PASS 100000 GP consumption 300000 GP consumption 600000 GP consumption 1000000 GP consumption
    GP Product Discount 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%
    GPBoost 100% 150% 200% 250% 300%
    Emotion Gesture
    • Hunted will make available gestures available everywhere.
    • The types of gestures are thumbs down, surrender, dance, and salute.
    Combat Arms Operation Team