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  • Aster Mission

    Attention Aster soldiers,

    We have received top-secret intel about a deadly weapon that Nemexis has developed in their hidden facility. Your mission is to retrieve this weapon by any means necessary, including the elimination of all Nemexis personnel present.

    Our intelligence reports indicate that the weapon was created by a brilliant scientist who is currently held captive in the hideout. You are to locate this scientist and extract any valuable information he may have regarding the weapon, but we do not care about his safety.

    The scientist's life is inconsequential compared to the safety of our nation. You are authorized to use any means necessary to extract the information and retrieve the weapon, even if it means sacrificing the scientist.

    It is imperative that the weapon does not fall into the wrong hands. We cannot allow the Nemexis to use it against us or any other nation. Your orders are clear: retrieve the weapon and eliminate all threats, including the scientist.

    This is a highly classified operation, and any leak of information will result in severe consequences. We trust in your expertise and training to carry out this mission swiftly and without mercy.

    As elite Aster soldiers, you must be prepared to make difficult decisions in the line of duty. The successful completion of this mission may require you to show no mercy.

    May you carry out this operation swiftly and with utmost efficiency. Our nation is counting on you.
    Combat Arms Operation Team