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  • Developers Briefing #17

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    Greetings to our Combat Arms Rangers!
    This is the development team leader of Combat Arms: Reloaded.

    Recently, in the process of optimizing the server specification, the authentication server did not respond inadvertently, it causes a failed login issues. At this time, the server specification has been readjusted to prevent this from happening. We apologize for any inconvenience in using the service and will be very careful in optimizing server specifications in the future. Two weeks were delayed from the schedule mentioned in the last briefing, but finally the 'character skill system' was applied. Due to the 'character skill system', each character has its own characteristics and elements of growth. So now you can choose the character that suits your style or the character that fits your play situation. In addition, the ranking game has been improved, it is allowing you to play without 10 placement games and see the immediate ranking. For your reference, clan wars and ranking matches will be played in different modes depending on the season. We ask for your continued interest.

    As you know, November is a special month in which our game was transferred to VALOFE and Steam was launched. For the month of November, we are holding EXP/GP boost events with a 200% anniversary of transfer and 100% celebration of Steam Open. There's also Black Friday and Combat Week, so there will be up to 500% EXP / GP Boost events in November. In the meantime, many users who feel lacking in EXP / GP boost events, please take advantage of this opportunity. We're also doing our ambitious 'Return User Special Event' this month. Among users who have not been playing for more than 2 months, we have prepared a special event for only those users who returned in November. That means you receive 10,000 GC (approximate 100 USD) worth of items just by accessing the game for a certain period of time!! We hope that more users will come to enjoy this improved Reloaded through this exceptional event.

    We will always strive to do our best in order to bring a better game experience for everyone.

    Thank you.