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  • Developers Briefing #23

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    Greetings to our Combat Arms Rangers!

    This is the development team leader of Combat Arms: Reloaded.
    It seems like the world is having a hard time with Corona 19 and the natural disasters these days.
    Let's begin the briefing with the hope that all of the Reloaded users are doing well.

    As I mentioned in the last briefing, we have made improvements to activate the Clans through several patches.
    Depending on the number of Clan members you logged in yesterday, Clan rewards has been applied to add Clan metal and EXP/GP boosts.
    In addition, each region occupied during the occupation marked the most contributing clan and paid a separate daily compensation to that clan.

    In addition, for convenience, improvements have been made in many areas as follows.
    First, we added the title of the room to the custom match and made the list of rooms that had been updated periodically to be updated in real time.
    Second, if there are many of the same items in the inventory, they are displayed only in groups. So that everything that was difficult to understand before, now items can be displayed when you click on the item.
    Third, we've expanded the maximum inventory size from 300 to 350.

    Currently, the development team is preparing to open channeling targeting Southeast Asia and preparing the development of 'Boss War'.
    It is expected to open as early as September or October at the latest, and we are planning to improve the existing system and reorganize the compensation.
    We sincerely hope that there will be a lot of consideration from existing users so that new users can adapt well after the channeling opening.
    Meanwhile, the 'Nut Shot Event' will be held for three weeks from September 2nd.
    As some users may know, if you match a specific area similar to a head shot, it will be recorded as a nut shot.
    During the event period, Nutshots will be counted by daily and will be counted by total at the end of the event. It will be determined the daily ranking and overall ranking, and compensations will be paid according to the ranking.
    There may be some people who are uncomfortable with this event, but it's a short-term event, so I hope you understand a little bit.

    We will always strive to do our best in order to bring a better game experience for everyone.
    Thank you.
    VALOFE Operations Team