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1. Server Stability
In order to provide stable services, equipment maintenance will be performed

2. Maintenance Compensation
a. September 14 Maintenance Rewards: 200%EXP/GP.
b. Function Metal 100 pcs
c. Nightmare Respawn Token 15 pcscan only be used for the MA day
NOTE: MA Compensation can only be obtained on the day of MA

3. New Item
a. Brazilian Weapon Mystery Box (sales period: 09.14 ~ 10.26)
b. Brazilian Weapon Mystery Box x5
c. Brazilian Weapon Mystery Box x10
Note 1: If you buy the 10 pieces of boxes, you are guaranteed to obtain one permanent (+0~+4) item.

d. Brazilian Weapon Package (Sale Period: September 14 ~ October 26)
e. Pred4tor Saber-tooth L96A1
f. Brazilian Dual Tropical Shooters
g. Brazilian M24
h. Brazilian Tactical M9

Note 2: After equipping the new items and play in the game, you can acquire weapon metals. (September 14 ~ October 26)

4. World Conquest Event started. (September 14 ~ September 20)