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Patch Notes - 2023.03.08

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  • Patch Notes - 2023.03.08

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    1. Server stabilization: in order to provide stable services, equipment maintenance will be carried out.

    2. Maintenance Compensation

    A. Maintenance Exp /GP Boost: 200%EXP/GP. (March 08, 2023 only)
    B. Function Metals x100
    C. Nightmare Respawn Tokens X15 (For Maintenance Day Only)
    Note: Maintenance Rewards can only be obtained during Maintenance day

    3 New Items (Sale Period: March 08, 2023 ~ April 26, 2023)
    a. TAROTIV Weapon Myst box
    b. TAROTIV Weapon Myst box x5
    c. TAROTIV Weapon Myst box x10
    Note: Guaranteed one permanent item (+0~+4) when purchasing X10
    d. TAROTIV Weapon gift package (Sale Period: March 8, 2023 ~ April 26, 2023)
    e. Glacial AN-94
    g. XM8_TAROTIV
    h. P226_TAROTIV
    Note 2 Weapon metal can be obtained by using the new guns in matchmaking.
    (March 08, 2023 ~ April 26, 2023)

    4. World Conquest Event (March 08 ~ March 14)

    5. Today Off Starts (March 13~ March 21)

    6. Login (event) from March 11th to March 17th, 2023, and you can get rewards.
    Patrick Vest (30 days)
    Patrick Hat (30 days)
    Patrick Beard (30 days)
    Patrick's Backpack (30 days)
    Patrick Gear Myst Box x1
    Patrick Gear Myst Box x5
    Patrick Gear Myst Box x10

    7. In Celebration of Women’s Month enjoy the Girl Power Packages.
    Girl Power (Fierce) Set Package
    Girl Power (Irresistible) Set Package
    Girl Power (Bewitching) Set Package
    Girl Power (Youthful) Set Package
    (Sale Period: March 8 ~ April 29, 2023)

    8. Women’s Month Sale (Discount Sale time is from March 8 to 29, 2023).
    -Up to 60% discount

    9. Rewards distribution
    -Hall of Fame

    10. Bug Fix
    Fix the daily job/stamp mission on Vfun website.

    Fixed the abnormal display of Kuina’s character after wearing a headgear.
    Fix Sky Guardian Blade date anomaly in combat pass.
    Fix Daily attendance date of roll call.

    11. Kuina Promotion Coupon Code.
    Combat Arms Operation Team