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Patch Notes - 2023.04.12

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  • Patch Notes - 2023.04.12

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    1. Server stabilization: in order to provide stable services, equipment maintenance will be carried out.

    2. Maintenance Compensation
    A. Maintenance Exp/GP Boost: 200% (April 12, 2023 only)
    B. Function Metals x100
    C. Nightmare Respawn Tokens X15 (can only be used on maintenance day)
    Note: Maintenance compensation can only be collected during Maintenance day.

    3. New items (Sale Period: April 12, 2023 ~ May 31, 2023)
    A. KHONSU Weapon Myst Box
    B. KHONSU Weapon Myst box x5
    C. KHONSU Weapon Myst box x10
    Note 1: Guaranteed one permanent item (+0~+4) when purchasing X10

    D. KHONSU Weapon Package (Sale Period: April 12, 2023 ~ May 31, 2023)
    e. Petal Prodigy (Corolla Edition)
    f. XK-8_KHONSU
    g. MAC-10_KHONSU
    h. P90TR_KHONSU
    i. K5SD_Khonsu
    Note2: Weapon metal can be obtained by using the new guns in matchmaking (2023.4.12 ~ 2023.04.31)

    j. Jackpot Myst Box (Sale Period: April 12, 2023 ~ May 31, 2023)
    k. Jackpot Myst Box x5
    l. Jackpot Myst Box x10
    Note: Get a chance to obtain this Lucky Jackpot Box (Package) containing of these 4 items
    Legendary Enhancement Material X100
    Epic Gear Enhancement Material X100
    Epic Weapon Enhancement Material 100
    Rare Epic Character Enhancement Material X100
    4. World Conquest Event starts (4.12 ~ 4.18)

    5. Today Off starts (4.13~4.21)

    6. Increase the probability of equipment in the Nightmare boss box.

    7. Rewards Distribution
    -Hall of Fame
    -Easter Find the Egg
    -April Fools (Double the Reward)

    8. Kuina duplicate cosmetic can be sell now.
    Combat Arms Operation Team