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Patch Notes 10.22.2019 [Combat Week Event]

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  • Patch Notes 10.22.2019 [Combat Week Event]

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    1. Server Stability
      • 200% EXP & GP Boost for 10.22 Maintenance for the rest of the day.
      • Respawn Token x15pcs
        • NOTE: MA Compensation can only obtain on the day of MA
    3. Combat Week Event (10/22 ~ 10/29)
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      • BSS GC Mileage Double
      • Fireteam Bonus Reward
      • Special Weapon displayed in BSS and Store
      • Dead Vacation and Snowball Fight Open
      • EXP / GP 100% buff during Combat Week
    4. Combat Week Sales Event (10/22 ~ 10/29)
      • Biohazard Weapons Package
      • Steampunk Mystery Box
      • Tohunga Package
      • Arcade Edition Weapons Package
      • Zodiac Weapons Package
      • Blizzard Mystery Box
      • Four-Leaf Mystery Box
      • Lightning Mystery Box
      • Tropical Summer Premium Mystery Box
      • A.M. Mystery Box
      • Machine Gun Unlimited Mystery Box
      • Anubis Mystery Box
      • Vivid Assault Package
    5. Combat Week Special Rare Grade Item Sales Event (10/22 ~ 10/29)
      • If you purchase 10 sets of the following and get a designated perm items
        • Rare AR Mystery Box x10
          • Asuka M417 CQB
        • Rare SR Mystery Box x10
          • SG50
        • Rare SMG Mystery Box x10
          • Dark Angel Tec-9
        • Rare Gear Mystery Box x10
          • Mexico Recon Vest
    6. Halloween Event (10/22 ~ 11/5)
      • 100% EXP / GP Boost Buff Added
      • The FIRETEAM NPC is Covered with Pumpkin Head
      • Quarantine zombies are covered with werewolf heads.
      • You can earn Halloween coins through gameplay and exchange them for items in the exchange shop.
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    7. Improvement
      • Automatic pop up once you got a rewards for the EXP Accumulated Events on the lobby screen.

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    Originally posted by vTomatoes View Post
    You can earn Halloween coins through gameplay and exchange them for items in the exchange shop.
    It's sad to see that you guys are still making the same mistakes with your events. Like I said in regards to a previous event most matches are too short (especially if you join mid game) and therefore don't count towards the event. Like seriously, just give everyone 1 coin per second and adjust the prices accordingly. Or do it like Nexon used to do and give everyone each day a one day version of these event weapons and have some event jobs active that require the player to get X amount of kills with the weapon in question in order to get a permanent version of it. This approach worked quite well in the past and would actually force the players to use the event weapons if they want to get them for perm.

    For reference: Nexon gave out temporary versions of the Global M4A1 SOPMOD which could be turned into a permanent version by completing an event quest that required the players to get 500 kills with it over the course of the event period (either 2 or 4 weeks iirc).
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