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Patch Notes 2020.07.08 [Clan War Event]

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  • Patch Notes 2020.07.08 [Clan War Event]

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    1.Server Stability

    a.200% EXP & GP Boost for 2020.07.08 Maintenance for the rest of the day.
    b.Basic Weapon Mystery Box Type B
    c.Basic Gear Mystery Box Type B
    •NOTE: MA Compensation can only obtain on the day of MA

    3. Clan UI Improvements
    a. Clan-related UI is improved, and clan managers and administrators can invite clans to users in the waiting room.
    b.The location of the Clan Management moved within the menu from the bottom to the top and is accessible with the "home button"
    c. W
    hen waiting in the clan war room, if you click the right mouse button, you can invite other clan members to the waiting room.

    4. Bug fixes
    a. Fixed an issue where the stat was abnormal when wearing the gear MOD.
    b. Mika's Victory Run bug fixed.
    c. SEM bug fixed.

    5. Clan War Event
    a. 300% EXP/GP boost when playing Clan Wars (July 8-July 21)
    b. Clan Metal +100% EXP/GP Boost when playing Clan Wars (July 1-July 21)