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What is the reason why you keep playing Combat Arms?

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  • What is the reason why you keep playing Combat Arms?

    After all this time and stupid decisions Nexon and now Valofe have taken, what is your reason to still around playing this game?

    (Sorry for bad english)
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    they're doing maintenance there are many errors, but they don't fix it they can't do anything that you don't
    gc is very expensive there is a limit to ten thousand is
    cheap and you can upgrade it they can


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      Trying to get an Unbelivable :#
      Combat arms is boring now because i wanted 2010 ._.
      and combat arms classic forum looks like reloaded because it has simple style and a lot of orange color :&


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        to be a KC QR legend


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          Hello there , I'm 21 years old , my IGN is : xITouchYou , I still play combat arms Because I've been playing during School from 2009 to 2014 years , then Started back in 2016 and now here in 2017-2018 combat arms classic , That game has such great History if you think about the Classic : xBBx , D.I .P , Shoot the moon ,Berserkers , Sanctify- SanctifyReborn , QuarentineElite, TheFinalProject , ETC. I could Name hundreds of clan like this, but I'd like to thanks Valofe for Bringing it back to old classic with this nice lobby where you can Talk for hours to people you don't even know ! Great Game , Great History , Great Players !