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  • Combat Arms on Steam

    Just curious as to why it was removed from Steam? What was the reason for it? and is there any possibility for it to be back on Steam?

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    Hi there, I will try to find some answer on that :S

    EDIT: Ok, I got answer on this question CA was transfered to Valofe and because of that it was taken down from steam, Valofe is planning to put it back on steam as soon as possible.
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      Are you talking about under Nexon's control at the time? I know it got removed from Steam because of the merge with EU and NA together.

      At least one of the Mods answered.


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        AveBeli where did you hear that Valofe is trying to put it back on steam?


        • DaLastOne
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          This user is a Moderator, I'm sure he heard it from Valofe.

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        Can any NExon employees substantiate this claim ?


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          Probably a commercial choice, but if many users will want to take back CA on Steam, Valofe could decide to do it


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            There isn't anything Nexon can tell you about CA anymore Game is owned by Valofe now.

            Regarding original question, I asked Valofe office about this and that was the answer I was given, I hope this covers your question.