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This game is just stupid at this point...

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  • This game is just stupid at this point...

    I enter a Short Fuse Elimination Pro game and there's a T rank flying around. I immediately vote kick him (classic version) and most of the room F6's him. He then VOTE KICKS ME, resulting in the entire room F5'ing and kicking me out. Are the people who play this game mentally disabled? That's the icing on the cake for me.

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    Hello ^^

    It's the forum for CA : Reloaded .

    But I understand you, a few days ago a player on my team with a score of 4-17 and with a low rank level tried to kick me 2-3 in the same game and without reason.

    I played and tested a lot of games and Combat Arms, unfortunately, have one of the worst community I've ever seen..

    The weapon does not make the player


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      Moving to classic CA forum.


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        I once got kicked in FT for being number one on the scoreboard with a lot of kills and points. With no reason said by the kicker or anyone else, everyone F5'ed and I got voted out of the room just like that.

        You definitely have to blame the community for this kind of behavior. This game should, or rather needs to, go back to CA before the merge between EU and NA.
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          I also have to get rid of something.
          So it is very annoying that in the channels now 80% of the rooms are password protected and you can actually enter hardly any room.
          On top of that, the number of hackers is getting more and more, and if you ask to kick that one, you will not.
          For this reason, the elite moderator must be back and that to those who have received from MAJ2 permanently.
          If you're called a hacker by your experience gained over the years and then you're kicked, but another player in the room is a hacker and not kicked, that's a nuisance.
          Furthermore, I noticed today that since the maintenance work and the patch my friends list in CA: Classic is empty.
          Also I can not use a country code that I bought.
          I ask that everyone who is at least MAJ2 / is the elite moderator to give back - please VALOFE

          Best regards,

          Your bubbels

          P.S. There are still problems with the Daily Jobs ...


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            well, this is what you get when you take a game run by a braindead company, let it drive away any of its half intelligent players, then give control of that game to another braindead company. a cancerous community, plagued with cheaters, without emod to cut them out of the game, and where the remaining players dont have the common sense to go play something better now that the games nothing more then a cashgrab.


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              E-Mod can be retooled to only kick Lobby players, though. People in-game can still use F5.