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Is it fair to kill hackers with wall glitch?

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  • Is it fair to kill hackers with wall glitch?

    Well the thing is that I used wall glitch to kill 2 hackers that were in the same clan and where using chams 100%. How can I prove that.... Because I tried with a friend fly glitch in the high spot of the alpha respawn in Short Fuse and the guy sniped me with a headshot, while I was moving, from the garage and both ****ers could pint point the exact ubication of all the players. Almost all the players inside the room were saying that he was a hacker but their team mates didn't want to kick them.... And I know that maybe you will say that he was a good player, but **** THAT¡¡¡ Both of the ****ers where hackers 100%, they had perfect aim, could tell in what ubication were all of us (no matter if we were on top of the building or behind a wall), and they where ****ing turks on top of that.
    So I decided to take the matter in my hands and started using a wall glitch on the third floor of Short Fuse and with that I started killing the ****ing son of a *****es..... So my question is if that shit count as fair..... Because remember that almost all of the players of the hacker team didn't even try to kick him (almost all of them were turks).
    I believe that I was in the right to use the wall glitch to shoot them down like the ****ers they were
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    Using glitches is almost at same level of using hacks, this is not solution to actual CA situation, Valofe should fix this not players in game.


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      This is not a solution? Well.... so what I am supposed to do? Wait and let the ****ers kill me like I was a bot and make them win gp and exp? Wait until valofe change something with the situation of the hackers inside the game? How much time will that shit take? How much time do I need to wait until they react?
      **** ALL OF THAT¡¡¡ This week has been terrible for me and other players that have seen many hackers not only in qr but also on elimination and elimination pro. And sometimes it doesn't matter that you kick one of them, because there will be 2 or 3 more lurking and waiting until they can turn on their hacks in the moment people can't kick them. If I have a tool to at least save myself from the ****ers or better kill them I will use it¡¡¡ I will cut their balls with what I have learned. Waiting for Valofe??? What a load of shit¡¡¡ Have you seen any GMs in Classic??? NO¡¡¡ Were are the ****ers that banned me in Reloaded and where sending me messages, Uh?¡¡¡ Are they taking a big shit? Where are they in Classic??
      If Valofe doesn't state their opinion about the growing number of hackers inside the game, you want me to wait patiently and let the hackers do as they please inside the game???
      **** THAT¡¡¡ The number of clans with hacks is growing and Valofe hasn't done something to change that, even tough their ****ing name says it all. Hack_Team for example is a clan full of hackers and they're doing whatever they want in the rooms. The new shit is that high ranks are using hacks too now¡¡¡ And people don't kick them because they're HIGH RANKS, but if you see a good player that is a low rank.... What do they say?? Uh?? KICK THAT HACKER¡¡¡ Abusers are everywhere and people that are high ranks aren't worth a shit to considerate as worthy candidates to have as moderators inside the game.
      So I will keep killing any hacker I see in elimination or elimination pro with anything that I have in my hands. Waiting?? I will become a ****ing old man until Valofe do something about the massive number of hackers inside the game. The only positive thing about this hackers is that the majority of them doesn't use aimbot.... Because if they turned on that shit well the game would be a horse shit.
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    HAHAHAHAHAHA this many ****ers I found in a room of vip escort JUST TODAY.... AND..... IN.... A ... SINGLE ****ING ROOM¡¡¡ In the first 3 photos the hackers were killing each other, watch the time between the first photo and the second one because that ***** with speed hack got there in a single second, and the last photo of the fight Hack_Adam was killed by the hacker on our team. In the last photo that I uploaded I get kicked by no reason (team killing in a room where team killing wasn't turned on) by A ****ING HACKER (you can see the picture).
    I will keep standing firm about my opinion of killing hackers with glitches if necessary....


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      A better anticheat engine is necessary.


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        or like, you could go play a better game. valofe is a joke, m8. just like nexon. dont hold out hope that they will make this game anything like it used to be, that was obvious the moment they chose to put money first by not transfering inventorys, and they have done not much since then. plenty of shop updates tho! wonder why that could be.