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YOU DUMB MONKEYS¡¡¡ Latin Server is just making the game worse¡¡¡

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  • YOU DUMB MONKEYS¡¡¡ Latin Server is just making the game worse¡¡¡

    Hello there, I am your glitcher Chok1 from youtube. Anyways, I have been in collegue for 3 months and haven't played CA since then... And when I came back I got a very BIG SURPRISE. Valofe or what was the name... Ah¡¡ Axeso5 made a latin server for south american players of combat arms. Why? Why did you did this? Even tough the ping is better in that server, is utter poop. Why is that? Because you're dividing more of the small amount of players you already have. For the name of god, that was a stupid move. South american players moved to that server and now I can't meet with anybody of the players I knew. I only see turks in the classic server all day. And some players I know with time that are still playing the game.
    If you go to the latin server, ohhh boyyy. There are only 5 to 6 rooms.... That's it when there're not so many players connected, but when they're the maximum amount I have seen is 12 rooms. **** ME¡¡¡ Why did you do this Valofe¡¡¡ You divided more of your players.
    Combat arms Reloaded, Combat arms Classic, Combat arms latino Classic, Combat arms Russia, Combat arms Brasil (and this one is the best). What are you waiting for? What are you thinking? There haven't been any exciting events since years. And now you created COMBAT ARMS LATINO CLASSIC.....
    CMON MAN¡¡¡ WAKE UP¡¡¡¡

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    Hey there. Sorry but you are raging at the wrong group of monkeys. It looks like you lost your own group. You should find the other group of monkeys in this big CA jungle. Follow your nose. Axeso5 is the publisher, not VALOFE. You are in the wrong forum :/
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