In this thread I'll write about the "Bravo Gear" And the unfair change that was made, I would be happy to receive a relevant response.
Bravo / Alpha Package sold for 5K GC.

In return of the 5K GC I should have what I expected for.
At first it was awesome, very helpful and relevant for Fireteam mode which I play the most and really enjoy it.
Then you make it that it does take damage at the gas of "Hunted" and at "Quarantine Regen" mode, fine, no problem.

But one patch after it you reduced the Gas protection from 100% to 60%, which I never meant to buy. If I knew it would be like that then I would not buy in the first place. But now I'm stuck with a useless character that I could've buy 50% gas protection with GP and not wasting my 5K GC. I think people who bought the package should be compensated because I feel you deceived me and you can actually do it anytime with any product.
If you're not gonna change it back to 100% Gas protection so the players should be compensated.

Thanks in advance,