Hi, I am a old player of the game and have been back to playing after a long time and sadly it is no longer fun to play.
I am going to list the main problems that there are and I hope some administrator of the game can give me an answer.
In each problem I am going to give a cause and a possible solution that many people like me want to see implemented and that the game does not stagnate as it is currently.
1. Gifts.
We all like to be given things as gifts, unfortunately in this new Combat Arms they have gone out of line a lot.
As soon as you start playing, you have the Recon Vest, G36 Valkirye, M4 SOPMOD, Terrain Backpack, all permanent. Formerly, all these equips were very difficult to get being F2P and to get them you had to spend money, but it was worth it, since the Recon vest was the best clothing in the game and those who had it obviously spent their money and that was fine.
Now everyone has it and it has gone from being the best to being one of the many, it is not fun when from the beginning they give you many things that previously cost too much work to get.
Many people like me are uncomfortable with the outrageous speed increase that exists today because there are better clothes and even more speed than before.
The best solution in this case would be to avoid giving everything away from the beginning, players like challenges, getting their equipment with effort, DO NOT GIVE THESE KIND OF THINGS PLEASE, let the players strive to get them.
Currently you can rent all the equipment in the store, from a normal backpack to the modular backpack, all the weapons in the game, you can rent the specialists, the weapons of the specialists, everything or almost everything.
The solution to this problem is to implement the ranges for the purchase of weapons as it was in the past.
I remember that the RPG could be bought in the SFC 2 range, the M79 in 2LT, the 3-slot backpack (NO TERRAIN BACKPACK) in 1LT, that is, according to the level, weapons and equipment were unlocked.
I'm sure if they implement this, many players will be happy.
Well, this mode is a bit complex to explain, it has a lot of things that players are unhappy with.
In the first place, the life of the infected is double what it was before and not to mention the mutagens. It is too much life for an infected, to give an example:
When you became a zombie at the beginning of the round, they usually gave you 200 and maximum 250 HP and when they converted your life was from 140 to 180 maximum.
Currently the life of a zombie is 300 - 400 HP, for both cases and it is extremely difficult to destroy a zombie being human. (EXCLUDING MUTAGENS: HP 400+)
Of course, it also depends on your clothing, but it does not vary that much, currently the variation of life is abysmal.
They have completely unbalanced that mode and many people stopped playing because of it.
Now the second problem is the speed of the zombies and players.
This has a lot to do with point 1, when they gave everything away at the beginning.
But it seems that in zombies the speed has been multiplied by 2 as well.
I hope they can balance this way that many people like me love to play and because of these imbalances, many stopped playing.
Weapons like Turrets, Claymores, Remotes Granades and etc are part of the arsenal that were exclusively of the Characters called THE SPECIALISTS, most of the game are impatient for them to return as they were in the past and for their weapons to become exclusively theirs.
These weapons (TURRETS, Claymores, Remotes Granades and etc) should only be used by Specialists (Codename Vyper, Scorpion, etc)
Surely there are many aspects that I have forgotten, but it is a beginning.
I wish with all my heart that the game returns to its roots, many of us play it out of nostalgia, but we know that it is a game with enormous potential as it was in the past (2012), the best thing would be a reset of all accounts and compensation to the more experienced players with GC proportionally to what they spent.
If these changes and good marketing are implemented, the game will be great as in its golden age.
Greetings and thanks.
I await the response of an administrator.
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