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Increase the Fireteam base EXP

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  • Increase the Fireteam base EXP

    i gues the title says everything. It´s sad that you play for like 15-30 min ( depends on the Fireteam ) and get barly some exp for it.
    For example, I played Nemexis HQ and got a score over 200.000 points and played 11 min. At the end I got 168 exp. I mean come on.

    On the new fireteams ( Freighter Frenzy ) you get for under 2min clear arround 500 exp ( here the clear )

    It´s kinda sad to see, that you have to play the new fireteam for exp. In my opinion they are kinda ok and just boring. You spawn -> kill that dude -> finish
    By increasing the FT base EXP, there will be more variety on the server for fireteam mode.

    And if you not sure about some changes. Just test it out first for a week or two.

    Hope at least someone will read this here cause the forum is kinda empty.

    Best regards,