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General Forum Rules and Conduct

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  • General Forum Rules and Conduct

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    Welcome to the Combat Arms: The Classic Forums! We want to make the forums a positive and productive environment where you, the players, can interact and have discussions on various topics relating the game. The forums are a place where people can interact and have discussions about different topics related to Combat Arms: The Classic and unrelated topics should be posted in the Off Topic Discussion category. We ask that you follow these guidelines to ensure that the forums have productive conversation. These rules and guidelines are strictly enforced by the administrators and moderators, and at their discretion may delete posts without warning that do not comply. Also, failure to comply with these rules or our Terms of Agreement and Privacy Policy may result in a ban from the forums or the entire game.

    Respecting Others
    • Please show respect and consideration to other users. We want the forums to be a welcoming place for everyone.
    • Every single one of us in here come from various backgrounds which means whenever you create a post, a reply, and/or a comment, always keep in mind to always be polite and respectful.
    • Please keep all personal conflicts aside as we want every topic to have positive discussions, not arguments.
    Personal Information
    • Please do not post any personal information about yourself or anyone else in the forum.
    • If you witness anything that resembles personal information about someone, kindly ask the poster to remove it or report it by flagging the post (Recommended).
    • Personal information can be defined as any data that explicitly reveals the real-world identity of an individual.
    Forum ID / User ID
    • Your VALOFE account is tied to your forum account which means that whatever your User ID is for the game, it will also reflect your Forum ID.
    • The ID that you use will be the name that will represent you.
    • VALOFE Staff have the right to change your Forum ID into something more appropriate if proven that the ID is inappropriate.
    Avatars and Signatures
    • An avatar is the display picture that represents you and your signature are words or images that you have on the bottom of each post that you make.
    • Please keep your signature to an appropriate size and your avatar decent.
    • Avatars and signatures that contain inappropriate content or not allowed may be edited or deleted by staff or moderators.
    VALOFE Staff, Game Masters, and Moderators
    • Members under these titles will enforce the Forum Rules and Conduct and reply to topics and posts whether it's to address an issue or to simply have fun.
    • Being unable to respond to you does not mean that we are ignoring you but because we simply don't have a good answer as of that time.
    • We'll always try to help out but please remember that we have other tasks as well.
    Topics Directed to VALOFE Staff, Game Masters, and/or Moderators
    • The forums is not the place to direct your personal issue, vendetta, or whatever you have in mind to attack anyone.
    • This includes questioning your account suspension, profile modifications, and topics or posts being deleted.
    • If you feel that Staff, GMs, or Moderators are ganging up on you, please understand that we do not have the time for silly things like that. We have actual work to do.
    Topic Titles using the words "VALOFE", "GM", "MODERATOR", or any VALOFE Staff / GM / Moderator Names
    • We understand that everyone would like VALOFE to read and acknowledge their posts, however, using these words will not help the topic's visibility. Always make it relevant.
    • Topics containing ambiguous titles such as "HELP IT'S AN EMERGENCY" will attract less replies compared to titles that give a clear description of the topic.
    • Try not to make it look like a spam as these topics can be closed / deleted.
    False, Fabricated, and/or Fictitious Topics/Posts
    • Do not post false, fabricated, and/or fictitious topics/posts.
    • Official news or announcements will always come from the website first.
    • If you feel like you are looking at false, fabricated, and/or fictitious topics or post, try to contact whoever may be involved and have them clarify it for you.
    • If you cannot reach anyone involved, contact anyone that has direct contact with the person involved instead of being an accessory to spreading false, fabricated, and/or fictitious topics or posts.
    • Combat Arms: The Classic Forums is a Safe for Work environment. Always.

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    • Inflammatory topics, posts, and comments towards ANYONE in the forums will be deleted.
    • Topics or posts that baits replies by discussing controversial content will be deleted.
    • Don't feed the trolls.
    Profanity and Inappropriate Language
    • Please remember that the forums are open to all ages.
    • Profanity and inappropriate language (including sexual and adult content) is not allowed.
    • Is it really that necessary to cuss or swear each time?
    Discrimination and Harassment
    • Discrimination, insults, and harassment both clear and masked in words or images will not be tolerated and can result in revoked forum privileges or suspension.
    • Such activity will be deleted, but continuation of it in a topic can result in having it closed / deleted.
    • Do you really have the time to insult people nowadays?
    Politics, Religion, and Sexual Content
    • While politics, religion, and sex can be fascinating subjects to discuss and debate, there are other places online where you can engage other people with these topics.
    • Everyone can perhaps talk about politics and religion in the Off Topic Discussion category but no sexual content as the forums will always be SFW.
    Spamming and Bumping
    • Spamming can be creating multiple topics, excessively bumping a topic or multiple topics usually within a short period of time.
    • We also classify spamming as short replies that do not contribute to a thread in any manner.
    • Some topic expect short messages, but they are discouraged.
    • Necro-bumping isn't allowed as well; bumping an old thread back to the front page. Stop bringing up the past, it's over, move on.
    Off Topic
    • Off Topic posts that are not in the Off Topic Discussions category will be moved or deleted.
    • These topics can cause confusion and miscommunication so please go to the appropriate subsection of the forums before posting.
    • Hijacking a topic by changing subjects is not allowed. Instead, please create a separated post based on each topic.
    Duplicate Topics
    • Duplicate topics will be deleted. The original will remain if it is in the correct category of the forums.
    • Duplicate topics will be treated in a similar manner to spamming.
    Advertisements and Malicious Links
    • Advertisements, referral links, and malicious links are not allowed and will be deleted.
    • Promotion or advertisements of any non-VALOFE games and services will not be tolerated.
    • Advertising of free GCoins Websites, hacks, and inappropriate links will not be tolerated and can result in a permanent suspension in the forums.
    Illegal Activities
    • VALOFE does not promote nor allow illegal activity in any way, shape, or form.
    • This includes discussing or distribution of third-party applications such as hacking programs, private game servers, pirated content, and other illegal behavior.
    • Topics with such discussions will be deleted.
    • Try not to violate any local, state, national, or international laws or regulations while on the forums, alright?
    Use of Unauthorized Third-Party Software Hacking/Modding and Exploiters
    • We do not tolerated cheating in-game, nor do we tolerate posting links to cheats or any other malicious programs on the forums.
    • This includes in-game exploits that affect the integrity of the game experience.
    • Topics and/or posts containing these will be closed or deleted.
    Real Money Trading (RMT)
    • Purchasing/Selling of accounts and/or in-game items is not allowed.
    • Posts containing activity of RMT will be deleted and users involved may be suspended.
    Account Sharing
    • Account Sharing is prohibited and is a bannable offense.
    • Posts containing someone else's account/personal information will be deleted and can result in a suspension from the forums.
    Bans and Ban Dodging
    • The forums is not a place to discuss disciplinary actions taken on an account. Topics about this will be closed or deleted.
    • Do not create topics/posts to discuss disciplinary actions taken on an account that includes e-mail.ticket correspondence between a player and a GM or screenshots of them.
    • Impersonating another member of the forums or a VALOFE Staff, GM, or Moderator will not be tolerated.
    • This will result in a suspension from the forums and may result in a suspension in-game as well.


    Thank you for taking the time to read the entirety of this post. The forum should always be treated as an environment where everyone can feel comfortable. These guidelines are intended to help create and maintain that environment. VALOFE can change these guidelines any time as it is not a definitive list of every eventuality that occurs. If you are unsure on how these guidelines affect you or have questions about them, you may contact a Moderator.
    Forum Rules of Conduct are strictly enforced by VALOFE Staff/GMs/Moderators at their discretion along with the appropriate course of action taken on violators. They may edit/close/delete topics/posts, forum IDs, avatars, and signatures without warning that violates the Forum Rules and Conduct. Failure to comply with these rules including the existing Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of VALOFE may result in suspension from the forums, the game itself, and all accounts associated with it. VALOFE reserves the right to suspend your access to these forums and/or games at any time for reasons that include, but are not limited to, your failure to abide by these rules.
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