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If we stick with Reloaded, can we transfer rank to Classic later?

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  • If we stick with Reloaded, can we transfer rank to Classic later?

    my general questions here is after i restored my rank on CA Classic thinking id keep my current gp guns ect i know im stupid i didnt read the post about it only saying ranks will transfer because i am not a facebook user so i didnt know about the warning, anyways beings i already restored my rank but prefer to progess in CA Reloaded at the moment until CA Classic inventory weapons gear ect transfer gets straightened out if it does will i beable to in the near future restore my rank again on to CA Classic if say my rank changes due to continuing on progressing in CA Reloaded?

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    I am unsure if I understand correctly.
    You restored your rank to classic but you are going to play mainly in Reloaded. From the moment of your Restoration both clients have nothing to do with each other anymore. When you rank up in Reloaded, you do not rank up in classic. And if you rank up in classic, you do not rank up automatically in Reloaded. Now both games are seperated.
    Did that help?
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      We never wanted RELOADED, we are only playing on reloaded cause our ranks but more importantly our ITEMS that we bought and have had for years are there. 2 clients (we want classic) so the player pool is split.
      Did that help?

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    Please do someday my weapons will be transferred from the classic to the reloaded Brotkrumen


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      Splitting an already poor community is not a great idea...