Yo, I would like to request some proposition for the game shop, I will share mine and iam open for discussions.
- Expert Modular BP 4slot -0%: https://combatarms.fandom.com/wiki/E...dular_Backpack
- Designers K's explosive package: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIXGgkCbNNc
- 1-2 Gold star weapon license PERM: https://combatarms.fandom.com/wiki/1...Weapon_License
- Weekly sell some random Weapons/Gear from the Rental Shop as PERM for GP (Since you guys changed the EXP/GP rates, We have so much GP & cant spend it, lets collect PERM for GP price ty)
- Release new Cosmetics for PERM (you already have the code from BR/ReloDEAD, and start selling the existing cosmetics for PERM too (We dont want to look exactly like other Rangers) These propositions are ALL from 2015 to end of NEXON ERA, so please bring stuff like that back in shop.
- Update the Wheel of Fate (Silver/Gold), Combat Poly more often (2 weeks) Add 5-Shot event back! Try give some decent +7D log-in items instead of useless 3-star bronze 1D weapons. Give a reason to log on!
- Do a Combat Week which is kinda similar to ReloDEAD Combat Week where theres an event on BBS, FT and QR etc. All we get in Combat Week on Classic is useless EXP/GP bonus event.