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Best guide for old players who came back

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  • Best guide for old players who came back

    If you think that you just found good old CA, forget about it. You will like it here only if you liked the times when the game was full of cheaters, it's the same, only this time cheats are legal. People wearing horns, wings, and bikinis are jumping over your head with +99999999 speed and +99999 protection, shooting at you from pink self-aiming spray guns. You can give them 3 headshots and they will survive, but they can kill you with one bullet from smg. It not only doesn't look like old CA, it doesn't look like a game at all. There is one thing that didn't change, bugs and glitches on maps are the same since 2008. Inventing new unfair disadvantage premium gear takes so much time for staff, that they don't have any time left for details like that.