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When the time come..there must be some rules on Search and Destroy Community

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  • When the time come..there must be some rules on Search and Destroy Community

    My aspect of view is that Search and Destroy is a different mode from elimination and it is more difficult.Ok,its my opinion.There should be rules as no rush,no op weapons,no heavy explosives.What i mean by that,when you play a game and if you die because someone has better weapon(it could be explosives too like rpg) than skills its not fair gameplay,its like elimination.I think as hard as it was the better liked to people.If rush is availiable both sides alpha and bravo,is a mess.Is a mess,because it doesnt differ from the elimination,why?only that you have to plan to bravo ,but all other , if there are every weapon allowed or rush allowed then nothing makes different from elimination.I ,like SnD ,because no rush,no op weapons,no explosives (rpg,mines),no shotguns ,no specs etc..
    Its far away from now to be rules on that but because i impressed you bring it back the old ca and me i didnt expected that i like it too much so i came to write it as a poll what the gamers want about that.Its my personal aspect the gamers may like rush or op weapons etc so i did a poll to be in future
    no rush-no op weapons-no explosives(rpgs,mines)-no shotgun
    allow everything

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    Hello there,

    I agree with you that in SnD OP weapons and etc shouldn't be allowed but that's where S/ELITE comes. I remember playing in Victor about 4 years ago all the rooms were managed with elite.
    Rushing is legit and not everyone can do it but thats my opinion.


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      mrreimaikathiki commented
      Editing a comment
      was legit by Nexon,but the most Victor rules you get kicked if you rush.Anyway,i cant be on a specific period since victor people will may have changed by now.Thats why votes play a role