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Let´s try it again / Bring it back in Black ! ( M134 Minigun )

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  • Let´s try it again / Bring it back in Black ! ( M134 Minigun )

    Bring it back in black ( M134 Minigun )

    I think everyone who loves killing zombies, just need the Minigun !
    The aidkits + Minigun + Warlord would be the ultimate Combo for Fireteam.
    I just loving FT even more than standing around in a room and throwing some nades in the middle on some zombies.
    At the moment, the only way you can get this gun is the Eleminator Hauser Set Gold.
    It would be awesome to bring it back into the shop like the reskin of the Orthus ( Phase Entanglement Dual-Kriss ).
    Like doing a EXP event on all FT modes and in this week releasing it for GC or maybe GP.
    More and more players ask where you can get this gun.

    Hope you feel the same as me and some of Valofe employers read this and react or maybe response to this.

    Best regards,

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    So many years have passed away and nothing happend. This is so damn sad to see. I loved the M134 Minigun on Nemexis HQ, now Nemexis HQ is no fun anymore. GG Valofe


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      THE Warlord needs to come back gms need to see this.


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        yes I want it too in shop to buy for GC or GP! I hope the more people react, VALOFE could put in shop as sale