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    Hey, this is a thread that I posted in nexon's forums months ago when CA:Reloaded just started. I hope that any Valofe forum moderator will consider reading my thoughts. (PS: probably the zombie's HP has been fixed now) :

    Hey, Would you guys please mind about quarantine mode and how it became a real total disaster, you guys just ruined it. The hp buff first, then the grenades/launchers damage dropped really down, but also the maximum speed dropped to 18 ... Now on the forums people that are camping in that mode say that they are okay with that and the others who are "free-running" say that they're not. I've been playing combat arms for 9 years now and I played quarantine since it was released untill now, started as a camper (with mines/MG ..) and then turned to be a free-runner. . In the games that I've been playing with people who aren't free-runners and like to camp up at places like the office in Overdose with all their mines, rockets, and guns. I'm not speaking on just the free-running side of the community, but I've been seeing and hearing people (who aren't freerunners) complain about how they can't kill zombies even as a group or "team" anymore. Sure humans might win once in a while, but they've mostly been getting swatted down once a zombie breaks through or tanks so many explosives and still being able to infect everyone. It hasn't been becoming a problem for JUST freerunners, but also normal quarantine players. Even some of my friends who play this game to camp because they aren't runners have been saying zombies have become too strong. The community of quarantine is nowdays divided to campers, freerunners and then those who spam grenades to kill the zombies, What I suggest is to making us able to choose zombies HP like easy/normal/hard when creating a room, at the same time they divide us into freerunners and campers, so no one would play unconfortably, to add the "no mutagens" option and to make the speed limit to 26 for freerunners and the damage of the grenades and launchers back as they were. (I repeat what I said is to make all I suggested as options in quarantine regen mode) I guarantee that it will be really amazing as many people who quitted will comeback and people will even spend more time playing, the quarantine community is really big. But if you guys do not consider doing this, many and many, I say many quarantine players will quit, starting with myself and all my friends I met thanks to the game from all around the world, from real life and my clanmates. I love that you guys are trying to listen to us and try so hard to make the game better, I'm not hating or something, I support you, but I've been playing quarantine for my whole CA career, Hope you'll consider working on this, thank you in advance!

    I hope VALOFE will count quarantine as its true value and not as NEXON did.
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    valofe just need to do it
    not so hard


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      Yes, bring back the OG quarantine with spec weapons and under-powered zombies!


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        There so many QR player like before that nice


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          And don't forget this Song in Quarntine Intro before Count Down was in 2010 and got deleted in 2011:

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