I won the Seasonal Ranking event lately at the Fireteam category, the prizes I received do not match the published prizes.

I was supposed to have:

- UMP 45 Champion Reward (Perm)
- L96A1 Champion Reward (Perm)
- K5 Season Champion Reward (Perm)
- K2 Season Champion Reward (Perm)
- Spray Paint (Perm)

(Source: https://www.facebook.com/notes/comba...5325031810919/ )

What I acctualy got is:

- Git Champions UMP 45 (Perm)
- Git Champions K2 (90 Day instead Perm)
- Spray Paint
- 15 Ghost Hisec Keys

and it doesn't look like it should look:

so to sum up, I didn't recive the whole prize, still missing L96A1 Champion Reward (Perm), K5 Season Champion Reward (Perm) and the K2 I received is not for Perm as it should be, so as the appearance and the names ("Git Champions K2" instead of "K2 Season Champion Reward") of the K2 and the UMP

I'd be happy for an answer
Thanks in advanced,

Ingame I can see the skins of the weapons I got.