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[Harassment] Report on Rycon - Rasicm

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  • [Harassment] Report on Rycon - Rasicm

    Mode: Lobby

    Map: None

    Time/Date: Dates when the gas masks were sent are included in picture (pic taken in 17/2/2019)

    Player name: Rycon

    Details: He sent me 2 gas masks and wrote in the description "Hitler<3" and "Haulacoust<3".
    As a jew i find this really offensive and inappropriate , especially the fact he sent a GAS mask.
    In general he is a rasict scum , but i have no further proof for now.
    I really hope this is enough to get him punished


    Another Screenshot of him being rasict :
    Calling Dyschornozid , JEWcornozid and saying he would have kicked him just because he is jewish.
    Another Screenshot of his rasict behavior :

    His reaction after seeing this report ( Sent another gas mask )

    Deserves more than a mare chat ban...

    My IGN: Eriqq
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