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ESYLOVECECY, they block the account for nothing? or to favor hackers

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  • ESYLOVECECY, they block the account for nothing? or to favor hackers

    What's wrong with my account? How do I buy super elite to be able to shoot hackers, now you disable it?

    where is that fixed? there is no link or page visible on the web

    what happens with the 14 days of supèr elite that I have left?

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    and it is not a problem of password, I enter perfectly in reloader


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      As always, this is the customer service of valofe, one pays for super elite and 4 days ago it is claimed in support in the forum and no response, 4 days without being able to enter my account, tells me that for my safety between in the page of the game that has been deactivated my account that reactivates it in the web, and there is no way, change 2 times of password and nothing, that if the super elite is lost, and we have not been able to play calm this weekend , with hacker pigs


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        this account has been deactivated for its security¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ LIE, has been deactivated so that the hackers are calmer and can not throw them out of my games


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          when one pays for a service (super elite) and you do not give access to use it, that has several names: stealing, fraud, etc.
          is that valofe?


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            try to talk to a gm over the discord


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              Account Deactivated can mean that you have entered a wrong Username or Password.
              But because it's working on the Forums and on Reloaded this can mean a different issue.

              Have you attempted to contact Customer Support yet about the issue?
              [CA:R Official Staff & Mod List]
              [CA:C Official Staff & Mod List]
              Never give your password to anyone for any reason! VALOFE Members (GMs) and Moderators (FMs) will NEVER ask for your password.


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