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Restored Account got rank but not my items help!

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  • Restored Account got rank but not my items help!

    When you first came out with account restoration for CA:classic I tried to restore my account and it kept giving me errors and not letting me do it. Now I tried and it finally restored my account but I have none of the items I had on my account please help!

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    This was NO ACCOUNT restoration but "RANK" restoration. All user still start with a fresh inventory and with a fresh player account.


    • Tactrix
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      The entire point of having a high rank is the rewards that you got WITH that high rank, if you restore a rank to us but not the items we got for every rank leading up and including the ran we're at not only are you making it worse but you're completely screwing us over! Because now the people who start out at the very bottom get every single reward on the way up to our rank, as where we are stuck with exactly 0 rewards but a high rank that means nothing anymore.