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It has been a long time since we last had our GM vs GM event, so we brought it back. Prepare and Join us on a GM vs GM event this coming September 27, 2022! Since Combat Arms: Brazil is right around the corner, we will be giving commemoration rewards if you are on the winning team! Don’t fret, the losing team will still get consolation prices.

- The players must participate in the whole match to be eligible for the rewards.
- Only one match will be given to players to get a chance of winning!
- There will be an announcement on Discord and in-game shortly before the event starts by one of the Moderators and GMs.
- The Event will start at 13:30 CEST / 04:30 PDT.
- The Event Rooms will be announced randomly in-game or via the Discord server.
- First Come First Serve

[Event Mode]
• Game Mode: GM's choice (most likely: Elimination Pro)
• Map: GM's choice
• Restriction: GM’s choice


Winning Team
  • Brazil Gear Package (7 Days)
  • MYST - Brazil Gear x3
  • MYST - Brazil Weapon x3
  • Explorer Package (7 Days)

Losing Team
  • MYST - Brazil Weapon x1
  • MYST - Bastet Weapon Rare x1
  • Gold Coin x3

  • Only players that will remain in-game until the last round will win the rewards.
  • Follow the GM’s instruction on this event.
  • Players can only participate once.
  • Players who will receive two warnings will not get the rewards.
  • Read and abide all the mechanics and rules.
  • Anyone caught using an illegal software will be out of the event and will also be banned

  • By joining this event and becoming a participant signifies that you automatically agree to all our terms and conditions.
  • The decision of the GM’s is final and undisputable, and we have the right to change any part of the mechanics including the prizes as we deem fit without prior notice.
  • See you rangers!